Tuesday, November 5, 2013


There have been so many times when I've tried to do it all - whatever needed to be done, and then some.  Seeking fulfillment in "getting things done."  Searching for meaning in my own life by seeking to be a blessing to others.  But the truth is that I cannot do it all on my own.  The Lord has been teaching me in His gentle, persistent way that I can't live life in my own strength.  I cannot do even what I know needs to be done without His grace and mercy to keep and sustain me.  I am not sufficient.  But He is.  No matter how hard I try on my own to seek to obey His directions,  I fail because I forget that these things have to be done in the Lord's strength and trusting in His Holy Spirit for the outcome. Resting in the Lord, being patient with my slow progress, seeking first His glory and kingdom, and consciously seeking to trust Him for the blessings of life instead of trying to earn them by obeying:  this is something I thought I'd learned long ago, but recently have been convicted of on a new depth. But what a Lord!  How kind He is!  He doesn't tell His people to earn their salvation, but rather to obey Him as a way of showing gratitude for what He has accomplished for and gifted to them. What a gracious, merciful, mighty God!  How can I ever praise Him enough?  He is holy and righteous and true, and His ways are good.  May I be given grace to follow Him more closely, and put no confidence in faulty flesh.