My Shetland sheep are a large part of life on my small farm.
Liberty is a yearling ewe who is expecting her first lamb in April of 2012.  She is a little wild yet, but shows a great deal of promise.  Her wool is a very pretty white with flecks of black mixed in. 

 Fanny, a four year old ewe who is a very good mother and affectionate pet. Her wool is usually 7 inches long at shearing time.  She is a black ewe who is silvering out nicely.
 Isaac, the big ram of the flock.  Usually a sweetheart, but occasionally a stinker, his wool is a reddish brown color known as moorit.  Dad's nickname for him is "Houdini," because of his propensity for getting into the other pasture!
Matilda (Katahdin) and Shetland lambs (2011).  She should lamb for the first time in 2012, and I can hardly wait to see what the Shetland/Katahdin cross lambs look like! 

My flock is made up of purebred, unregistered Shetlands, with Matilda, Anna, and Beatrix (pictures coming soon!) being the exceptions. 

Lambing season is late March -April, and fleeces are shorn in May, so if anyone is interested in pet lambs or wool to spin, please let me know!  My e-mail address is alanatatter (at) gmail (dot) com.  Lambs are ready to leave their mothers around the first of September.  If you do not have other sheep, I strongly suggest purchasing two pet lambs as sheep are herd animals and usually get bored and sick if left alone.


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