Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Purpose:

Yesterday I read several blogs which encouraged me to answer a few questions regarding my purpose in life, and why I have an online business.

Really, it is all about helping people - honoring the Lord by meeting your needs!  I love to create custom necklaces because everyone is unique, so everyone ends up with a slightly different piece of jewelry! Even if I make two necklaces (or twelve) from the same pattern, each one is unique because I am not perfect.  Each necklace will have minor differences which give it a character all its own. Remember, two people may look similar, but have very different personalities!   

My purpose in bloggig and being on Facebook is to help others become aware of my Etsy store and encourage modest ladies by providing beautiful jewelry and lace trims.  This may sound trivial, but sometimes just putting on a pretty necklace can change the way a lady feels.  :)

The purpose of my blog is NOT to make anyone discontent with their own lot in life, but rather to encourage each one who visits to contentment and industry for the glory of God where He has planted you!  


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