Friday, May 25, 2012

Covenant Homemaking's Giveaway

Happy Friday!  Today I thought you might be interested in this giveaway over at Covenant Homemaking.  I think the powdered dish detergent sounds neat!
To enter, simply leave a comment on Mary Jo's blog.  For more chances, you can 'like' Covenant Homemaking on Facebook, 'like' Tropical Traditions on Facebook, subscribe to the Tropical Traditions newsletter, and subscribe to Covenant Homemaking's RSS feed. 

I'm still working on new items, but recently took time out to go watch the 'Avengers' movie with my siblings.  I thought overall it was a lot of fun, but you'll only enjoy it if you like comic book type movies.  Of course, there was language and the body count was high, but it was fun to watch the characters learn to work together. (And yes, the tatting was done in the theater - there are several mistakes, which means I must have been distracted!)


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