Thursday, October 25, 2012

Celtic Music

The Covenanters are six of the Murch siblings that play Celtic Music together. Evan plays lead violin/fiddle, Hannah also plays violin/fiddle, Jesse plays lead guitar, Ben play rhythm guitar and some percussion; Sam plays cello, and Elijah plays pennywhistle and Celtic drum.
They play traditional Celtic music from Scotlad, Ireland and Wales, but also compose and play original music, some of it in the traditional Celtic mode of jigs and reels, but some in a much more Classical form.
They can be found on Facebook and YouTube. They perform regularly in venues in Central Virginia, and will hopefully have a CD or DVD out early in 2012. They are available to do performances anywhere in driving distance Appomattox, Virginia.

This is the type of music I generally turn on when I'm tatting or doing housework.  The steady beat keeps me focused on the task at hand, while the gentle music soothes the sometimes tired or confused brain.


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