Monday, January 14, 2013

Flexibility vs. Productivity

Frankly, this is a huge challenge for me.  Productivity (tatting Etsy stuff, learning marketing skills for lace and sheep businesses, chores and fun stuff) often takes a back burner to flexibility (being available to change plans at the last minute, even to the point of all day or all week plans at the last minute).  Now, it is important to be flexible, but I need to implement more of a schedule in my life.  Too often flexibility becomes an excuse to be lazy, or at least, to have nothing to show for the day's time.  So, I'm in the market for a part time job.  It is going to be interesting, as I've not worked outside a home for over six years (cooking and teaching sewing not included), but the Lord seems to be directing that this is the proper time, so full steam ahead.  Of course I still plan to continue Etsy and Tophatter, and if anyone is interested in naturally raised lamb, please let me know, but this is an adventure.  I just have to remember to treat it as such. :) 

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