Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Silk thread review

Silk threads vs. Cotton threads in jewelry tatting

Here are a few things I've found after using both silk embroidery floss and size 20 cord:

Silk threads stick to rough spots on hands like crazy!  Cotton threads can do that too, but not nearly as badly.

Silk threads are very luxurious, and super soft.  Cotton can be almost as shiny, but the softness of silk is unequaled.

Tatting with silk threads takes more patience than tatting with cotton threads, mostly because of the issue of silk wanting to stick to itself.  There is a fine line between closing the ring securely and pulling and breaking the thread.

Overall, I've been a bit disappointed with the silk 20 thread, as it isn't as shiny as I'd hoped, but that was more my unrealistic expectations than anything wrong with the thread itself. 


P.S.  I should get pictures uploaded later this week, Lord willing!

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