Monday, April 22, 2013

Recent happenings

Hello, everyone!

Wow, I really did seem to fall off the face of the planet, didn't I?  Life has been very busy these last few months, and we are enjoying lambing season again. So far the Lord has blessed us with four white ewe lambs

Above are Matilda's lambs Sophy (left) and Helen (right).

 Here is one of Anna's lambs: Jessie.
Anna with her twin ewe lambs Jessie and Flora (on my lap).
Flora (yes, one ear is a bit floppy - this should correct itself in a few more days)

This winter the Lord has been teaching me patience and trust in Him in totally new, exciting ways.  For me personally, spring came early this year.  It is one thing to know that God is good and kind in the difficult times, but watching Him work in the sweet times and feeling His blessing being poured out on us is so wonderful and satisfying in a different way.  Truly, a season of courtship is serious and sobering time, but I never dreamed that there would be so much fun getting to know a fellow! 
A vibrant forsythia bush in a nearby field.  It was so pretty! 


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Anonymous said...

The lambs are just too cute!! (Of course I think any baby animal is cute)Glad to see you back blogging :) Sounds like you have had a wonderful spring already with many blessings!! God is so good :)