Monday, January 30, 2012

An Encouraging Thought

In light of the fact that many people I know have lost relatives and friends recently, it seemed an appropriate time to remember what the Lord through His word has said happens to a person at death.

"So where's the encouraging thought?" I hear you ask.  It is a good question, but humor me for a minute, please.

The soul cannot die or sleep.  He (or she) immediately returns to God, because the soul is of immortal substance.

The souls of believers are at once made perfect in holiness, and are received into Heaven where they behold the face of God.

However, the souls of those who refused the free offer of the gospel during their lives on this earth are cast into Hell, where they remain in agony and total darkness, awaiting the Judgement Day.

The Bible tells us of no other place for souls separated from their bodies.

At the last day, those still alive will not die, but they will be changed, and the souls all the people who have ever lived will be reunited with their bodies.

The Almighty, True, and Living God makes no mistakes.  He alone knows the hearts of men, and He will not cast any away who call on Jesus in faith and repentance. (John 6:37)

So, the encouraging though is that nothing that happens to a body after death has any effect on the soul.  The soul doesn't hang around here in limbo. Our feelings have no effect on the actual state of anyone's soul!  
 And, there can be no such thing as ghosts.

Now, wasn't that worth waiting for? 


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